Conveyor Uni Express offers a fast and cost-effective courier service, using Conveyor Group’s specialized transportation and logistic services. With our own warehouse at the Dhaka airport, we are able to handle the flow of goods to and from the rest of the world.

Our vision is further underlined in our mission statement: Excellence. Simply Delivered. This means that we want to simplify the lives of our customers. We make our customers, employees and investors more successful. We make a positive contribution to the world. We always demonstrate respect when achieving our results.

We have also announced our new "Strategy 2020: Focus.Connect.Grow.", which outlines our priorities for the coming years, and emphasizes our goal to be the company that defines the logistics industry. Strategy 2020 integrates our beliefs as laid out in Strategy 2015, such as always striving to be Provider, Employer and Investment of Choice, and it reiterates our commitment to the world as a responsible company. Among the focus areas of Strategy 2020 we intend to further expand our logistics services in the world's emerging markets. We also plan to take advantage of the boom in e-commerce by further developing internationally our success in the parcel business and in other e-commerce related activities.

Conveyor Uni Express Member of:

    World Freight Partnership (WFP)
    Global Logistics Family (GLF)
    Priority Cargo Network (PCN)

We are successful when you are
We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and in the interest of all of our stakeholders: customers, employees, investors and the planet as a whole. We add value to people’s interaction with us, whether with excellent services or products, by engaging our employees and nurturing their talents, or by being a solid, long-term investment on the stock market. And, we show concern for our world and our communities with our various corporate responsibility programs under the motto of ‘Living responsibility.’